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Kimia International Pte Ltd., as a business supply chain partner that supplies the largest commodities, especially in Asia and in various countries.. Kimia International is a part of the Tradeasia International Group.

Founded in 2004, Tradeasia Group is a privately owned, independent company headquartered in Singapore. We are a global trading organization providing integrated chemical procurement services with certainty and trust, especially for Gum Turpentine Oil.

Global Tradeasia Group

Commodity manufacturers are in need of raw materials for the production of industrial chemicals, which are usually not locally available. Big chemical manufacturers focus mainly on their production process and output. They distribute in bulk vessels and are sometimes not able to support commodity manufacturers for container loads. Additionally, some markets are difficult to penetrate owing to volume requirements and financing. In all we do, our goal is to support this process and build trusted relationships through client proximity, providing industry expertise to help our customers to meet their needs.

Our mission is to carry out chemical distribution services, especially to commodity industries in many parts of the world. Today, we are able to represent a constantly growing number of businesses that are serving a variety list of chemical product names and markets. Every month, we source and supply about 500-600 containers / iso tank to our customers worldwide.

Tradeasia's diagram of vision, mission, and values

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

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Our Vision

To be a reliable and trustworthy partner in the global supply chain of raw materials

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Our Mission

To supply good quality products and services delivered using effective supply chain solutions while providing profitable and sustainable growth to all our stakeholders

Our Values

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Build strong relations with all stakeholders – customers, employees, and our business partners based on commitment and trust



We do business honestly in accordance to our values.



We are accountable for our duties with high  professionalism to all our stakeholders.



We commit to perform our business duties with the utmost commitment to the environment and the world.



Act with entrepreneurship to grow together with all our stakeholders – customers, employees and business partners.




Treasure teamwork and develop strong cooperation to create excellent solutions for all our customers and business partners.